About the regatta

We want to create a unike regatta that offers great racing to all of those how enjoys classic A´s. Racing will start in all safe conditions giving sailors a chance to show their skills in speed, handling and tactics.

The tune up will be held in the beautiful evening light close to shore where friends and family can follow the race. The track will optimize the use of Vivassen arena. Short after finish we will hold a opening ceremony.

During the regatta we will track all boats with kwindoo, and the racing will be easy to follow from the shore. This will allso give all the opportunity to analyze the race after sailing.

After racing each day all sailors can have burgers from the lokal butcher XXXXX during this time there will be a simpel prize ceremony where we handels daily first pricing and the leader shirt.


All competitors will recive and take part of

  • Event shirts
  • Burgers after each racing day
  • Regatta dinner
  • Watertigth bags for cellphones
  • Free parking for cars and trailers on the regatta area.

Pricing for:
Best Marström boat
Best woman
Best rookie
Grand master